Care Advisor – Home based position, helping families find and explore Senior Care options

Work helping families and seniors in one of America’s fastest growing industries

SeniorLiving.Net was founded in 2008 to help families find a better way to search for Senior Care.  Whether a family needs Assisted Living, Independent Living, Dementia Care or In-Home Care, SeniorLiving.Net can provide options to meet each family’s care needs.  SeniorLiving.Net helps more than 25,000 families a month across the country to find the best options for their loved ones.

Our company is based in the Washington, DC area and currently helps families in all (50) states. In order to continue to provide families the most comprehensive senior care services, SeniorLiving.Net is adding more locations to our Care Advisor Network.  Care Advisors are full time employees of the company and expected to work a (40) hour week.

Care Advisor’s are the primary point of contact for families, community partners, and local referral partners. The position involves communicating with families, matching families with our partner communities, and finding non partner services that could be appropriate as well, based on the needs of each individual family.

Our ideal candidate is professional, detail-oriented, self-motivated, and passionate about helping families and seniors.  You must have a desire to help families and be able to relate to the difficult decisions they are making.  SeniorLiving.Net will provide each Advisor with qualified families, but the expectation to source your own leads is highly encouraged.  Senior care industry experience is not required but commitment to seeing the family thru the process, empathy, and compassion are a must.

Job Responsibilities of a Care Advisor

The Care Advisor position will focus on the following:

60% of the time on the family care process (making recommendations, encouraging families to tour, following up with communities recommended, confirming move-ins and billing info, and gaining feedback from families as they go thru the decision making process).

25% of time is enhancing and nurturing our current partner relationships at the local level (visiting community partners, attending networking events, and updating information in our CRM that enhances our company’s knowledge on our partner’s services).

15% of the Care Advisors time is spent evaluating new options for families (researching, reaching out, following up on non partner move in, and presenting to non partner communities in order to add them to our network)

Family follow up is managed via the phone and email. Your appointments, notes and family information are all managed through a software system we provide. It is the responsibility of the Care Advisor in the local market to find the most appropriate communities in our network.   Care Advisors work with families in their areas and assist them through the selection process. This includes determining needs after the initial interview, educating the family, providing them with information to assist with the selection process, and getting feedback on how the overall selection process went from the family.

SeniorLiving.Net has relationships with thousands of communities across the country and generates revenue by helping senior care communities find residents. Our service is always free for families. In addition to working with families, Care Advisors will also be expected to build relationships with partner communities in their area, make recommendations about which communities we should add to our network, and build a professional network with referral sources.

Time management, attention to detail, multi-tasking and strong communication skills (written and oral) are required.  Care Advisor can schedule tasks, appointments, and do research using a SeniorLiving.Net software program that is accessed over the Internet. Our phone system is also Internet based, so an appropriate high speed internet connection in your home office is required. SeniorLiving.Net is striving to be a paperless company.  All communication and record keeping is electronic.

SeniorLiving.Net provides leads to our advisors to get them started.  For the first few months, Care Advisors focus on the family advisement process, and getting to know their partner communities by going out for site visits.  We begin to focus on sourcing our own leads and non partner relationships once the employee and manager feel confident in the Care Advisors performance.

Primary Expectations for Care Advisors
  • Be a strong communicator and strive to provided the highest quality customer service
  • Match families to SLN Partner Communities and research and reach out to non partners if appropriate
  • Follow up with families and communities within timeframes agreed upon during training.
  • Generate 5-7 moves per month after a three month ramp up.
  • Attend weekly staff conference calls and one meetings with your Manager.
  • Become knowledgeable about Care options available in the local marketplace and have the desire to become an Industry expert in your designated region.
Care Advisor Training and Education

You don’t have to have prior senior care experience to become a Care Advisor. We have trained many successful leaders in the process.  Each Advisor will have a manager who acts as a mentor to give you every opportunity to succeed.  All employees will receive training at our company headquarters in the Washington, DC metro area. This training is free to all employees.  Care Advisors will receive additional training focused on optimizing your territory and the family advisement process.  Weekly conference calls and day to day interaction with other team members and managers will enable you to take multiple families through our Care Advisor process.


Care Advisors are employees (not independent contractors) with SeniorLiving.Net and are expected to work a (40) week.  For the first 90 days Care Advisors receive $1500 a month base which increases to $1800 a month after 90 days. Care Advisors receive bonuses for each family that moves into a community on our network. Care Advisor’s income is based on the number of family move-ins that occurs each month. The average commission per family move-in is $650.

Activity Expectations
  • This is a full time position. We require Care Advisors to work at least one evening during the week and work a few hours each weekend to make these calls to families.  This is when many families make time for this research. To accommodate a (40) hour week we allow managers to schedule and approve hours and appointments outside the office.
  • Participate on weekly calls with manager and team members.
  • Stay current with call back and email guidelines in our sales management system
  • Make 40-60 calls daily to families and partners
  • Maintain relationships with partners in your community and forge new relationships with non partners as well, scheduling appointments for tours and initial presentations on working with
  • Consistently meet or exceed your monthly sales goals
Home Office Requirements

We require a private area (with door) for an office and a computer with high speed internet access. Care Advisors must make arrangements to minimize distractions during work hours (day care, pet care etc). Before training begins Care Advisor candidates must have computer up and running connected to the internet.  Your computer and home office must have the following:

  • A computer (desktop or laptop) with a Microsoft Windows operating system
  • A home office space with an internet connection and router within 6 feet of desk space (for VoIP phone)
  • A high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc.)
  • A full version of Microsoft Outlook (not to be confused with Outlook Express)

SeniorLiving.Net will provide you will access to our phone system.  You will not be required to purchase a phone or install a separate phone line.  Advisors are required to track and report their time worked. Time must be tracked daily by the advisor and submitted each pay period to their manager.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will there be other Care Advisors in my city/market?

SeniorLiving.Net has large territories and is just beginning to expand its national network.  As requests from families come into the network we try to maintain a preset ratio of opportunities for each Care Advisor.

Our goal is to have multiple advisors in all US primary and secondary markets. As the company expands, it helps us build our brand.  As families become more familiar with our company, you receive more word of mouth referrals.

Do I need to understand how to use technology/computers to be successful?

Yes, as an Internet based company, an understanding of the computer and its operating system is important.  We have designed our tools to help you manage your daily opportunities.  Email, and web based tools are the primary way to communicate.  While you work with families you will be updating family records, accessing information and sending messages.  We will teach you how to use our CRM to manage customer relationships as well as our phone system. Please let us know if you have concerns about your computer experience.

What expenses are reimbursed by SeniorLiving.Net?

Below is a summary of our reimbursed items.

  • Mileage is reimbursed for partner visits.
  • Marketing materials and business cards are provided by SLN.

Items not covered under the Expense Policy:

  • Telephones and Cellular service (SLN has a VOIP calling network provided to you with headsets)
  • Fax machines (not needed)
  • Home Computer
  • Office Furniture
When will I get paid?

SLN pays employees bi-weekly. Timesheets are submitted by each Care Advisor thru our Online Time System. Care Advisors are paid commission after the community is invoiced and commission checks are paid out once a month.