Receive FREE Assistance with your Search for Senior Care

Step 1: Call Your Local Care Advisor

Call (877) 345-1706 to be connected with the Care Advisor in your area. Your Care Advisor will talk to you about you or your loved ones care needs and what services and amenities are important to your family.

Step 2: Narrow Down Your Many Choices

Based on what care needs your or your loved one has and what services are important to your family, your Care Advisor will research the communities in your desired location to find the ones that meet your wishes and needs. Our Care Advisors have detailed information about senior living communities that offer:

Step 3: Visit the Communities

After your Care Advisor has narrowed down the communities in your area to the ones that offer the types of services you need, he or she will send you detailed information about each community. From there, your Care Advisor can set up tours at the communities you are most interested in.

Step 4: Weigh Your Options

After visiting, consider price, location, services, activities, the environment and more before making a decision. Our Care Advisors have helped thousands of families find the community that’s right for them and can help you weigh the options if you’d like.

Step 5: Select The Community and Move In!

At this point your Care Advisor will check in with you to see if you need any additional help or information about the community. They will work with the community to see how the move went and call you to find out if you and your family has adjusted to the move.

Get started today! Call (877) 345-1706.