Spring is Time for Renewal

Spring is Time for Renewal

Although spring officially started in March, April is the month when we really start to see evidence of the season beginning. We’re well into the month of renewal, rebirth, and reflection, which prompts so many of us to embrace the opportunity to “start fresh.”

Renewal can mean major life changes, but it might also be small steps to right our course or catch up with things that need our attention. If you are an older adult or caregiver to a senior parent of family member, the spring months are an ideal time to pause, reflect and take care of necessary business or pursue an interest. In addition to basic spring cleaning, the following are tasks and challenges to consider.

Reevaluate a living situation
Spring is a good time to reassess if the current living status is meeting your or an older adult family member’s needs as aging occurs. Is the home a safe environment or would an assisted living community or other senior living facility be a better choice? If maintaining a home is becoming too much of a burden, perhaps a senior community with fewer responsibilities would be ideal.

Examine health issues 
This time of year is a good choice for seniors to assess their health issues. Without the threat of bad weather presenting safety concerns, doctor’s appointments are easier to schedule. If you are a caregiver and have observed the deterioration of a senior’s health, encourage them to check in with the family physician. It’s a good idea to be present at these appointments if possible.

Plan a trip or take a course
With so many travel options for seniors, now is the perfect time to take that trip you’ve thought about. Maybe seeing a new grandchild is on the agenda? If you are interested in learning a new skill or just gaining knowledge, sign up for a class at a local adult education or senior center.

So whether you tackle big decisions or simply decide you need to do some self-evaluation on a smaller scale, spring is an ideal time to get started.

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