Seniors Turns to Tech for a Safe and Secure Solo Living

seniors embracing technology

Who said the latest technology is only for the young? More and more seniors (and their adult children) are incorporating tech gadgets and applications into their daily lives, and as a result, they are able to maintain their independent living status. From innovations that help loved ones stay connected from afar, to health care monitoring, to help with housework and safety measures, tech is changing the way seniors age in place for the better.

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Don’t Ditch Your Landline Just Yet

Don’t Ditch Your Landline Just Yet

I’m part of a rapidly shrinking group of people who still has a landline phone in my home. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which keeps track of phone usage in the U.S., cell phone usage had increased by 35 percent in 2012 from 2008. I’ve even had friends jokingly harass me and ask why I don’t just rely on my mobile phone. My rationale is I live in a rural area that often has bad electrical storms and although my cell phone coverage is usually fine, there have been times it has been less than ideal.

There really are a number of very valid reasons to keep your landline and most seniors will tell you their first concern is for safety and security. So if you’re considering ditching your landline, you may not want to do it just yet.

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Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer in Seniors


Are you a woman over the age of 60? If so, you could be at greater risk for ovarian cancer than your younger counterparts.

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5 Signs Your Senior Community Is High-Tech

is your senior community high tech?

Seniors, just like so many of us today, have grown accustomed to technology. From remote controls to our smartphones, FaceTime to Facebook, many seniors are just as tech-savvy as their younger counterparts.

If you’re considering a move to senior living, you may want to look into a community that will feed your need for futuristic gadgets and the convenience of today’s technology. Here are five signs your senior community is high-tech.

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5 Tools to Help Seniors Stay Safe While Driving


Approximately 500 seniors are severely injured in traffic accidents each day, with another 15 dying in car crashes, according to recent statistics from the CDC. Younger drivers have faster response times and are more likely to bounce back after an injury.

In spite of the dangers on the road for seniors, older drivers also tend to be safer drivers. They tend to stay close to home, wear a seat belt, are less likely to drive drunk and many avoid driving in bad weather. Some may also avoid night driving or driving in congested areas during rush hour traffic.

If you’re a senior who’s concerned about your safety on the road, but still feel confident in your driving abilities, there are several tools you can use to make driving even safer.

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