Pros and Cons of Living With Adult Children

Pros and Cons of Living With Adult Children

Many seniors face the choice of entering a senior living facility or moving in with adult children. While post-baby boomers, in their 20s and 30s today, often receive the title of “boomerang kids,” moving back to their childhood homes because of the high cost of living, many seniors are pondering moving in with their children (or moving their children in with them), for the extra care and companionship.

Is it a smart choice? Would a senior independent living community suit your needs better? Let’s ponder some of the pros and cons of creating a multigenerational household with your children and grandchildren.

Enjoy “family time” again in a bustling household. If you’ve had time to enjoy the peace and quiet and now the “empty nest” is getting to you, moving in with adult children and your grandchildren will put you in the center of a bustling household again. Surrounding yourself with young people is a great way to stay young at heart. It will be easy to opt in to family activities without added travel, or you can stay home and relax for a break from the kids.

Alleviate financial worries. Even if your mortgage is paid, it’s still less expensive to live as a family than as an individual. You can free up hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling your home, collect income by renting it, or let your children move in to your house with you and share expenses. Either way, you’ll take away financial worries in your retirement, and make it easier to afford senior assisted living in the future if you require it.

Enjoy the security of knowing family is there when you need them.If you are ill, concerned about your health, or just worried about living alone when anything could happen as you age, moving in with family offers an added sense of security.


Creating a space where you’ll be comfortable could require extensive (and expensive) home renovations. While the idea of building a multi-generational or “mother/daughter” home sounds appealing, in today’s real estate market, renovations may not be the best idea. Extensive additions could raise the home’s value beyond what the neighborhood can bear, should you or your children ever decide to sell the house. Besides, home renovations are costly and stress-inducing. This is your retirement; you should be relaxing, not worrying about home contractors.

Adult children may not be able to give you the care you require. If you need ongoing medical care, memory care or special attention, living with adult children may not be the best alternative to an assisted living facility.

You’ll sacrifice your privacy. If you’ve grown accustomed to living alone, it’s a big change to move in with a family. If you feel the need to “right-size” your home, for financial reasons or otherwise, many independent senior living communities offer private apartments where you can live on your own. In a senior living community, you won’t have to worry about maintenance, repairs or yard work, but you’ll still have your own space. Because most people love their children and grandchildren, but that doesn’t mean they want to be around them 24/7.

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