Don’t Ditch Your Landline Just Yet

Don’t Ditch Your Landline Just Yet

I’m part of a rapidly shrinking group of people who still has a landline phone in my home. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which keeps track of phone usage in the U.S., cell phone usage had increased by 35 percent in 2012 from 2008. I’ve even had friends jokingly harass me and ask why I don’t just rely on my mobile phone. My rationale is I live in a rural area that often has bad electrical storms and although my cell phone coverage is usually fine, there have been times it has been less than ideal.

There really are a number of very valid reasons to keep your landline and most seniors will tell you their first concern is for safety and security. So if you’re considering ditching your landline, you may not want to do it just yet.

Emergency Response – Even with advances in mobile phone technology with GPS function and location apps, emergency calls to 911 still lack transparency and efficiency. Call responders can’t always quickly identify the area from which you are calling. That could significantly slow down emergency help getting to you. With a landline, your call goes to the correct 911 center and your name and address pop up. Here are some guidelines from the FCC about calling 911.

Peace of Mind – Many people like the security of having a landline phone to rely on. But another reason is your family members or caregivers will have better peace of mind if they know you have an alternative to a mobile phone available to you. If you forget to charge your mobile phone and lose power, you will be without phone service which is another worry.

You’ll Sleep Better – Having your mobile phone next to your bed at night is an invitation to disrupt your sleep. It’s tempting to pop onto Facebook, check the weather (as I do too often!), or even check email and respond. With a landline, you don’t have those distractions.

You May Not Save Money – With my bundled cable service, I found I would barely save any money if I dropped my landline from my bill. As I have one of the lowest mobile plans, I really couldn’t see adding more minutes or upgrading to replace calls I make from my home phone.

While your mobile phone service may be all you need, it’s worth thinking about what you may lose if you decide to forego that landline.

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