Warning Signs that a Senior is Struggling

Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care, talks about the warning signs that your parent or senior loved one might already be struggling with mobility and some ways to help in this video.

Check for Future Safety Concerns

In the bathroom, check the bathroom for loose towel bars, window sills and shower curtains. Check to see if any of them are lose and pulling away, or in the case of the shower curtain, is it torn? If your senior is having trouble getting off the toilet, he or she could have developed using a several step process using one or more of these items to get up. They might think of it as clever behavior or adapting to their needs, however if these items become loose or ripped the next time they grab onto it, it could pull away completely, resulting in an accident.

Take a tour of the bedroom, favorite sitting areas and dining area. Again, check window sills and curtain for signs of damage. Also, notice if there seems to be anything missing from around their favorite sitting area. Perhaps a broken or missing table, lamp or favorite decorative item. Or has another piece of furniture been repositioned? These could be signs that your senior leaned on something for support and didn’t bear the weight or that he or she sought something else that would.

Help the Senior Move Around the House Safer

Some easy and inexpensive options to assist with standing include raised toilets seats with arms that lock onto an existing toilet. This will give your senior the height and support to stand. A handheld shower nozzle is also helpful and can fit right over the tub’s faucet so there is no need to reach up. Another option is to install floor to ceiling grab bars. These items provide a full range of heights to hold onto while sitting or standing up. You can install these by the bed, in the bathroom or by a favorite chair.

Other considerations for the senior that is having trouble getting around is to not wax floors or apply other glossy, slippery treatment. You should also choose low pile carpet that shoes skim over rather than become entangled with.  Also make sure that area rugs lay flat with no wrinkles or obstructions that a foot can get caught on. A good place to check for this kind of damage is at doorways, steps and seems. These are the first steps in making your senior’s home a safe place to be.

Watch the video: Warning Signs That a Senior is Struggling

Keeping your Senior Safe

To learn more about senior care options, including Home Instead Senior Care, call your local Care Advisor at (877) 345-1706.  Your Care Advisor will work with you to find the best place to keep your senior safe and able to enjoy their senior years.