Brighten a Senior’s Day This Winter with a Thoughtful Gesture


Much of the U.S. has endured a brutal winter this year. When not stuck inside due to treacherous driving conditions, most people are out shoveling snow. So if you’re feeling cabin fever, imagine what it’s like for an older adult in his or her own home or senior living facility. Although spring will arrive soon, seniors would welcome a nice surprise visit or thoughtful gesture to get through this last stretch of winter. Here are some ideas.

  • Take an early-blooming plant – There’s something so cheerful about watching the first blooms of spring flowers. Soon, we’ll see crocus and daffodils popping up. But until then, pick up an amaryllis bulb that is starting to bloom. Nurseries force the bulbs to bloom early, often in January or February and they make a showy, colorful appearance. Narcissus or Paperwhites are another early bloomer available now. Pick up a pot to take to a senior family member.
  • Bring in an unexpected lunch choice – I live in a rural village with few dining options, but there’s a great BBQ place. As long as the older adult you’re visiting doesn’t have any strict dietary issues, choose something different and fun to take them for lunch. How about Greek food? Dolmades, or stuffed grape leaves, are a relatively healthy option with rice, herbs, and pine nuts. If you have the time, take a homemade favorite.
  •  DVDs or videos – What movies or TV shows does your senior family member or friend enjoy? Check your local library for older films or television programs you know he or she loves. Although many older adults are techno-savvy, many don’t have access to tablets or other devices. Take yours and share other family members’ Facebook posts or videos. It’s a nice way for seniors to feel connected to absent family.
  • Be present – Your visit will be appreciated even without any special touches. Allow yourself time to relax and enjoy the company. Remember that we all look forward to a break in our normal routine and catching up keeps you close.

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