Three Fun Ways to Get Active This Spring


The long, cold days of winter have finally come to an end in many parts of the US. With snow and freezing temperatures reaching areas of the country that rarely see them, spring has been long overdue.

Are you ready to read yet another blog post on celebrating the season by planting flowers or vegetables? Probably not. Gardening is a great past-time that’s also incredibly healthy and fulfilling. But not everyone is into it. Retirement and the freedom of senior living mean doing what you enjoy.

Taking up a new hobby in the spring, especially if it’s an outdoor venture, can be a wonderful way to appreciate the fresh air and longer days. Here are a few ideas you may not have considered. They might bring back fond childhood memories, but these activities are not just for the young.

Go Fishing
Even if you don’t catch anything, a day of fishing is still relaxing and rewarding. (In fact, without the concern of having to transport, clean, and filet the fish, it might be even more fun.) For food or fun, fishing is a sport for all ages.

If you don’t have a pole, see if you can borrow one, or check thrift stores, yard sales or stores that sell used sporting goods to pick one up cheap. Check to make sure you don’t need a permit for fishing because you cast your line, as fees for fishing without a permit can be hefty in certain areas. And if you have joint pain or suffer from weakness due to illness, avoid steep banks or long treks to the water’s edge.

Take a Walking Tour
By now, you’ve heard that 20 minutes of walking three times a week has measurable health benefits. The grounds of your senior community may provide a picturesque landscape. Or look into an organized walking tour of your surrounding community and take the opportunity to rediscover local history while you walk your way to better health.

Join a Bicycle Tour
Walking not your speed? As long as you still have a strong sense of balance, riding a bike is easier on the joints than walking. Invest in a mountain bike with extra thick tires and a low center of gravity, or a hybrid bike or cruiser to enjoy the comfort of a thick, padded seat on long trips. Upgrading to a gel seat may also be a worthwhile investment. Rather than cycling along, look for bike tours in your area or ask the activities director in your senior community to organize one.

One last point: things have changed since we were kids. Buy a bicycle helmet from a pro shop, where they will make sure you have the proper fit, and wear it whenever you ride. You’ll look like a pro.

Celebrate Spring with Friends
If you live on your own, call a few friends and make a date, because these activities are more fun, and safer, with others. If you live in a senior community, assisted living facility or nursing home, talk to your activities director about planning a day trip or community-wide event.

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