Seniors in the Workforce


If you follow employment and job trends, you’ve probably noticed that people are retiring at later ages. Or, they retire, but then head back to the workforce in some other capacity so they can generate some income, or to keep their bodies and minds sharp. In fact, about a third of all seniors ages 65 to 69 are still in the workforce.
So where are they working? A recent report by U.S. News & World Report used census data to figure out they types of jobs that seniors are most likely to work, according to the Sunrise Senior Living blog. The publishing industry, for instance, has its share of boomer workers with half of all proofreaders and copy markers 55+. The same is true for many public service jobs like bus drivers and crossing guards. And, those who work for religious organizations as clergy members tend to work well beyond retirement age, with over 17 percent being older than 64.

Whether it’s out of financial necessity or to stay active, many seniors are choosing to push back their retirement years. And as long as health allows, why not?

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