Mother’s Day Celebrations for Three Generations


Mother’s Day is coming. If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating with three (or more) generations this year, it can be tough to find an activity that will appeal to your senior mom, your tween, your toddler and, of course — yourself! (It’s your day, too!) Here are some tips and fun activities to get everyone out for the day.

1. Plan a trip to the zoo or aquarium.
Whatever your age, the wonder of animals never ceases. And chances are your mother will love watching your daughter watch the animals. Plan the trip for early morning, before it gets too warm or crowded, and don’t expect to spend more than a few hours.

2. Schedule an old-fashioned afternoon tea party.
A girl is never too old (or too young!) for a tea party! Look for a local tea room that offers “high tea” on Mother’s Day, complete with scones, muffins and “biscuits” (cookies). Encourage everyone to dress in their Sunday best and remember to take lots of pictures! If sugar is a consideration, ask in advance about a diabetic menu.

4. Have a picnic in the park.
There’s always something special about eating outdoors. You can plan a picnic right on the grounds of your mom’s assisted living community, where it won’t be too crowded, or go to a local park for a change of scenery. Bring old photo albums, or upload old pictures to your iPad or tablet, and spend some time after lunch looking at old pictures, which is sure to keep every generation entertained.

3. Organize an afternoon of scrapbooking.
This is a great way to re-connect with your childhood, give your mom an opportunity to share stories of the past, and give your daughter an appreciation for her heritage. Collect old photos from when you were a girl, and new pictures of you daughter. Make sure to include one of all three generations of ladies together! Then, create a small multi-generational scrapbook. Everyone can put together two or three pages of their own, or work on each one together.

Tips to Keep Mother’s Day Stress Free

Whatever you plan, stick to a schedule. Seniors, especially if they are battling Alzheimer’s or other memory disease, do best when they maintain their daily schedule. If Mom’s assisted living community serves lunch at noon, plan lunch at noon. The same goes for toddlers and preschoolers, but if you have to stray from someone’s schedule, make it the children’s and pack snacks to keep them going.

Avoid crowds. To really enjoy a stress- free day, try to pick a place that may not be too crowded. Avoid chain restaurants, theme parks and tourist attractions that may offer something for the whole family, but will leave you stressed out trying to keep track of everyone and making sure everyone is safe. Mother’s Day should be fun for everyone, and while your job as caregiver is never truly over, planning the right activities will help make sure you get to relax a bit, too.

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