Hotel to Be Repurposed into Senior Living Housing


When we think of repurposing, an existing building doesn’t immediately jump to mind. Repurposing is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to change something so it can be used for a different purpose.” We’re more likely to imagine a craft project or a clever new way to use common household items, like creating a table from an antique door.

However, in an innovative senior housing project, plans are in the works by a local planning commission to create a new purpose for a luxury hotel near Sacramento, California.

Senior Housing News reports the market for the Rocklin Hotel in Sacramento has been challenged by an influx of new hotels coming into the area. The hotel’s site will be undergoing a unique transformation into a 67-unit senior living housing community that will include memory care, assisted living and independent residents. The Rocklin Planning Commission, working with Omkar Rocklin, the operator of the hotel, are looking for a senior living industry specialist partner to submit plans for the hotel’s new function and look.

One of the challenges of converting the hotel to senior living is incorporating a design that suites the existing property site, meeting the local zoning and other critical laws and regulations. Potential developers will be required to submit construction plans showing the footprint of the new design for senior housing in addition to the interior resident spaces. While a novel idea for repurposing existing structure, it may become a trend in the industry. A similar project was recently unveiled for a high-end hotel in Fort Meyers, Florida.

The concept of multi-use living, working and retail communities has really taken off in the last few years. Incorporating senior living into an unexpected location, such as an old hotel, may start the senior housing industry on a successful new path, with senior residents benefiting from some progressive thinking.

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