Growing Older in the Electronic Age

Today, more senior citizens are using computers and the internet, and they are accessing information from mobile devices like cell phones and book readers. While it may take seniors over 60 longer to embrace new technologies, once they see the benefits, more and more are running out and learning how to keep up with the electronic age.

More Seniors Embracing Technology

More seniors are using computers than ever before and most of them are on the internet.  As much as 15% of people over the age of 55 have a smartphone. Statistics are not concrete on the number of seniors who have an iPad or other book reader, but the sales in that age range are growing.

Apps for Seniors

Seniors have also expanded their app use. More of them are logging onto Skype to chat with faraway family. Companies are also making apps for seniors as they recognize them as a growing consumer group. While many seniors still prefer books and newspapers to digital media, they will load books onto their readers for vacations. Zoom Reader is an app from AI Squared that turns a cell phone into a magnifier.

Seniors and Social Media

Seniors use the internet and their cell phones to stay in touch with friends and family.  Now that Facebook has created a social media site for everyone to stay in-touch, seniors are jumping right in. Facebook is the most popular social networking site for those over 55. Men enjoy catching up with family and old buddies they used to know, while women appreciate the photos of grandkids and family members.

Electronics just for Seniors

With the rise in demand for senior friendly electronic devices, some electronics companies such as HP are making computers that are easier to use. They are less intimidating with fewer distractions and only the basics on many of the machines.

Introduce Seniors to New Technology

Staying in-touch and providing an easy-to-carry book aren’t the only benefits to introducing a senior to new technology, it may also keep the mind sharp. There are games and apps that challenge seniors and can keep them busy and thinking.

Many senior living communities have realized that technology is here to stay and it is important to keep senior in the know about all these new and exciting resources. Communities are beginning to offer computer classes, social media classes, computer rooms and more for residents to join and take part in. Call your local Care Advisor to find a senior living community that offers great activities like these and more. Call (877) 345-1706 to speak to a Care Advisor and learn more about the activities and amenities that are offered at senior living communities to appeal to the Baby Boomer generation.

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