Five Unique Ways to Decorate a Senior Apartment


Independent senior living communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities are designed to look more like condo complexes or townhouses than nursing homes. Residents may have the option of sharing a room, but most opt for a one- or two-bedroom apartment where they can live on their own. Most of these spaces look very nice, even if you don’t make any changes or additions to the space. But you can also take the time to personalize the space. Follow these tips for easy, inexpensive ways to decorate your new home.

1. Keep it simple.
First, find out what you’re allowed to do in terms of decorating. New window treatments will probably be okay, but there may be rules about putting holes in walls for shelves or large artwork, adding wall coverings or pulling up wall-to-wall carpeting.

Besides, one of the benefits to moving to a senior living community is so you don’t have to worry about home maintenance and renovation tasks. Think about temporary changes that look permanent – throw rugs layered over carpet create a unique textured look, and throw pillows can liven up a solid-colored sofa.

2. Re-invent yourself.
This may be the first time you’re redecorating in years. Use the move as an excuse to reinvent yourself by going for a completely different style. Was your old home very traditional? Try a contemporary or shabby chic look. If your house hadn’t been redecorated in so long it was “80s retro,” browse to incorporate some of the latest looks into your new apartment.

3. Group interesting items together.
You probably donated, sold or threw away dozens of knick-knacks and collectibles when you moved. Start a new collection from the things you kept and a few new items you love. A “collection” doesn’t have to be all the same item, either.

Group different items together based on color, shape or theme for a coherent look. Tom Dunn, co-owner of Overbey & Dunn, a vintage and antique home goods store in New York City, says, “Items grouped together always look good in a cluster. Don’t be afraid to put them in an unexpected place like your kitchen island or nightstands. Any surface constitutes a possible place for an interesting tableau of gorgeous and quirky finds.”

4. Turn items you use into art.
Stack similar looking books on a coffee table to serve as reading material and décor. Vintage suitcases can provide storage and act as an accent in the corner of a room. Take any container you love and turn it into a utensil caddy for the kitchen. To add elegance to your bedroom, place a mirror on a table or nightstand for a dramatic look, then display bottles of perfume, fancy pillboxes or anything else you like on the mirror.

5. Decorate with photos – again!
If you staged your home before moving, you may have stashed your family photos for a quicker sale. But there’s so much you can do with family photos, new and old, so take a day to dig out those old photo albums, stroll down memory lane, and decorate.

Turn Your Independent Senior Living Space into Home
Your new independent living apartment is your opportunity to turn your space into a comfortable retreat that is uniquely yours. Take advantage by borrowing design ideas from the latest shows on HGTV, or use technology to your advantage by browsing Pinterest. Whatever look you love, you can find ways to create it easily for less.

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