Endless Summer Nights in Senior Living

Senior Living Activities

The dog days of summer have arrived, and heat can pose particular challenges for seniors, who often don’t recognize changes in temperature until it’s too late. Additionally, as we age, we don’t sweat as readily as we did when we are younger, so the body doesn’t expel the dangerous heat.

Nursing home, assisted living and independent living community activities might be confined to the indoors to keep seniors out of the dangerous mid-day sun. But staying cooped up inside isn’t healthy, either. Why not suggest some fun outdoor evening activities, so you can enjoy the fresh evening air when the temperature has dropped a bit? Just don’t forget the bug spray or citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes from ruining your night.

Here are some inexpensive activities that can take place at dusk or even after dark.

Movie Night Under the Stars
It’s relatively inexpensive to rent a projector and screen (or perhaps the local library or a school has one you can borrow) for a movie night under the stars. Encourage attendees to bring blankets or beach chairs. This is the kind of event where you can also invite family and friends for a fun get-together.

Supply small bags of popcorn and plenty of bottled water, too, or invite everyone to bring their own snacks.

If these type of events aren’t within your budget, check your local paper. Many towns host their own movie nights under the stars at parks; you can just plan a trip for the seniors in your community.

A Concert Under the Stars
Local music groups, from four-piece chamber orchestras to oldies or pops groups, often volunteer to host concerts at senior communities or nursing homes. Why not host the event outdoors? Get a few different music groups together and you can call it a festival.

Twilight Walk on the Beach
If your senior community is within an hour of the water, plan an outing to the beach. But don’t get there until about 6 PM, when the sun is starting to go down and the air is cooler. Strolling on the beach at this time of night is good exercise, relaxing and therapeutic. Just check with your local beach to see what time they close. Some close at dusk, while others stay open until after dark.

An Evening Picnic
Supply picnic dinners and desserts for nursing home or assisted living community members, or ask independent seniors to pack their own for dinner at dusk. Citronella candles provide light and keep the bugs away. This easy, low-cost event is a great way to switch up the usual dining routine.

Tips to Stay Safe After Evening Activities
Evening activities are fun and invigorating, but it’s important to take steps to keep seniors safe after the events. Remind seniors before they leave for the event to keep a light on so they are not entering their home in the dark. Staff may be asked to accompany seniors back to their apartments for safety.

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