Dreams to Fulfill in Your Retirement


Everyone has a list of things they dream of doing. Some call it a bucket list, while others don’t give it a name. But raising a family, holding a job and other “real world” responsibilities sometimes get in the way of fulfilling these dreams.

Then comes retirement. You can choose to sit around and let the days pass, or you can take an active role in your retirement planning and use the opportunity to check an item, or several items, off your bucket list.

Maybe you want to pursue a second career. Or maybe you still thrive on adrenaline rushes. As long as you’re in good health, age should not stop you from fulfilling your life-long dreams. Just look at these sterling examples of silver seniors who’ve discovered why they call it “the golden years.”

Become a Racecar Driver (For a Day)
Some of us are born adrenaline junkies. For some, it never goes away. Do you enjoy the exciting speeds and sounds of racing? The Nascar Experience allows anyone in good health and with a valid driver’s license to drive a real race car. The cars have been driven by Nascar drivers in real races. Now it’s your turn. With experiences starting at just $399, there’s very little reason not to embrace your need for speed.

Hike the Appalachian Trail
You’ve heard that walking is good for your health, right? How about hiking a 3,000-mile trail from Georgia to Maine? Many seniors have hiked the Appalachian Trail before you; why shouldn’t you be next? The oldest hiker was a 90-year-old man who hiked the trail from 2009 to 2012.

Of course, you should be in good health and also have hiking and camping skills. Hiking the Appalachian Trail requires pre-planning, as well as a healthy stock of supplies and the money to make stops along the way. Towns on the trail are familiar with hikers, so finding supplies or shelter isn’t a problem most of the time. Keep in mind that the area, while maintained by conservancy crews, isn’t a full-service travel experience. The Appalachian Trail is wild and should be respected.

Participate in an Archeological Dig
Did you know regular people can join archaeology digs? Colleges and state archaeological societies often post opportunities to join a dig, locally or even across the world. Some require payment and others allow volunteers to join for free.

If you’ve always dreamed of hunting for dinosaur bones, now could be your chance. Think seniors can’t participate in archeology? Two words: Indiana Jones.

Become a Best-selling Musical Artist
At age 69, Linda Perhacs’ second album hit number 20 on the Billboard Folk chart. She’s now touring as a musician, playing to sold-out crowds of all ages.

Forty-four years prior, Perhacs had released an album, Parallelogram, which floundered in obscurity. Or so she thought. It turns out she’d been developing a cult following for decades. When she received a digitized copy in the mail and learned about the tremendous support the album had received, she re-launched her music career, recording “The Soul of All Natural Things” on an independent music label.

Today, she works and tours with musicians much younger than she is, and noted in an interview on Senior Planet, “I’ve felt totally embraced.”

Maybe you’ve never tried to launch your music career. Could now be the time? Or write a book or start a business. As the saying goes, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

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