Deciding Where to Retire

The first question everyone seems to ask when you retire is “Where are you going to live?” The kids are grown and on their own and you’re ready to take the next step in life. You can consider retirement in a place that best suits your needs and your personality. If you’ve spent your life in a cold climate it’s no surprise that you may want to forego the snowy winters and opt for more agreeable weather. When considering retirement you’ll want to spend some time to get it right.

Choose a Familiar Location

One piece of advice that you should heed is to check out the location before you make your plans. After all, you may not like the area once you’ve committed to moving. When you’re considering a retirement location narrow your choices down to a few and then make plans to visit each one. Take at least a few days to see what the area holds and envision what life would be like if you lived there on a permanent basis. Some people prefer to be “snowbirds” – living part time in two locations. They live in their current home throughout the warm summer months and spend winters in a warm climate.

How to Choose a Retirement Location

When considering a retirement location, make a list of things to think about.  Determine which items are the most important to you so can compare each of your options.  Some of the most important things to think about include:

  • Budget – The location should offer homes or condos that are within your budget.  Also consider the local cost of living.
  • Weather – Check the monthly low, high, and average temperatures as well as the typical amount of rainfall.
  • Amenities – Find out how close you’ll be to shopping, hospitals, and restaurants.
  • Location – Make sure that the location is easy to get to – you’ll want your family to be able to visit.
  • Safety – Confirm the crime rate of the area to make sure that you’ll be safe.
  • Friends and family – You may want to stay close to family and friends.

The Decision to Move to a Retirement Location

The decision to move to a retirement location is ultimately your own. Don’t let others sway your opinion one way or the other. Try to use a list of pros and cons to decide whether a retirement location is best for you. Visit the location to see if it meets your expectations. Learn more about locations online. Many of the most popular retirement locations are ranked by other seniors on a variety of things. Read reviews from others to learn how people feel about living in the area. Talk to your family about the potential move to find out how they feel about it. Ultimately the decision to move is up to you. If you’ve always dreamt of living in a new area there is no better time to move than now.

Cost of Retirement Living

Independent living communities provide a campus for active adults to enjoy their senior years while providing assistance if needed. The cost of independent living or retirement living mirrors the cost of living in a particular area. To get pricing information at communities in the area that you would like to retire to, call (877) 345-1706.  to speak to your local Care Advisor.

Popular Retirement Destinations

Many seniors choose to retire south of where they are currently live. Some of the most popular states retirees seek out to enjoy their retirement years include Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Arizona.

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