5 Ways Independent Living Brings Greater Independence

Cheerful senior couple blowing bubbles in park.

Does retirement offer all the freedom you expected it would? Many retirees today wind up strapped for cash on a fixed income, and a lack of funds takes away many of the freedoms normally associated with retirement. After all, you’re not really “free” if you have to stick to a budget that is just a bit too small to permit you to do all the things you love.

Today’s independent living communities offer great independence to today’s seniors. Let’s look at five “freedoms” you’ll gain when you break loose of monthly mortgage or property tax payments and move into an independent living or a Continuing Care Retirement Community. (Note: The difference is that an independent living community is for seniors who can take care of themselves, while a CCRC offers an independent living environment with the potential for assisting living or nursing care if it’s needed down the line.)

1 – Freedom from yard work – Whether it’s mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or trimming shrubbery, these services are included in many independent living communities. If you like to garden and find it therapeutic, no worries. Many independent living communities offer the opportunity to work in a community garden or to have your own flower or vegetable garden right in front of your own apartment.

2 – Freedom from car insurance payments, car payments, and gas purchases – If you own a home in a suburban community, you might be hesitant to give up your car. Since the time became teenagers and got our driver’s license, a car has been equated to independence. If your independent living community offers easy transportation around town, plus planned day trips to area attractions, you can say good-bye to those trips to the gas station and expensive car and car insurance payments without giving up your freedom to come and go as you please.

3 – Freedom from monthly bills – Most independent living communities include most or all of your utilities as part of your monthly fee. You’ve been doing it for years, and you know that paying a mortgage on top of electricity, phone, internet, gas, water, sewer services, trash pick-up and all the other expenses that come with homeownership require not only careful budgeting, but a lot of time. You’ll gain at least a few extra hours a month, plus peace-of-mind. Don’t worry. Your independent living community will offer plenty of fun activities to help you fill that time you’re not spending signing checks and stamping envelopes to pay bills.

4 – Freedom from home repairs and renovation – When you were young, you couldn’t wait to buy your own home. But if you’ve lived in a house for the last 30, 40 or more years of your life, you probably don’t want to deal with one more broken hot water heater, refrigerator that needs replacing or leaky anything. It’s time for freedom from all the worries of home maintenance, in an independent living community that takes care of all those aspects of housing for you.

5 – Freedom from worry – In an independent living senior community, although you live independently, you are never alone. Independent living communities have on-site security to make sure you’re protected 24/7, and many have on-site medical care, too, whether you need emergency assistance, a check-up or a prescription filled.

Additionally, in a CCRC, if you become injured, ill or your situation changes and you need assisted living services, either short-term or long-term, you may be able to get these services without having to move from your comfortable apartment. Staying in your home while you receive the care you need is true, long-term independence.

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