4 Tips for a Healthier Brain


People are creatures of habit. As folks age, they may rely on a routine from day to day or even hour to hour. Your brain can get a little lazy if you don’t challenge it to something different every now and then.

Though our brains may process information more slowly as we age and forgetfulness may creep up more often than not, it’s possible to keep your brain sharp: 1 – Play a Brain Game:

Typically relax with a word search puzzle? Switch things up and try Sudoku or a crossword. Or test your wits with an eni cylindrical puzzle or Rubik’s cube.

2 – Say Bye-Bye to the Couch:

It’s OK to zone out with TV every evening, but make sure you spend waking hours each day being physically active. Whether it’s weeding the garden or going for a walk, activity boosts the brain’s blood flow.

3 – Get Social:

Have you allowed yourself to become a hermit as you age? Recapture those extroverted moments of youth – join a local club, get active in a worship community, or simply strike up a conversation in line at the grocery store. Interacting with others challenges your brain to remember and respond, not to mention it just feels good to connect with other people, no matter how briefly.

4 – Eat Well:

Just because you feel like your body is slowing down, that doesn’t mean the fuel you put in it should slide. Make sure you’re still eating as well as you can.

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