Virtual Caregivers on the Horizon


With new technologies comes hope for those who wish to age in place, or live in their own home during their senior years. While the last generation of seniors relied on “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” buttons to call for help, a new wave of home monitoring innovations will keep adult children and other family members in the loop on their loved ones’ activities. 
According to recent news reports, motion sensors placed around a home can send out an alert if there’s an unusual change in activity. There are also devices to help manage medicine regimens with reminders to take pills at certain times, as well as heart rate and respiratory monitors. Even more advanced developments are currently underway from researchers at the University of Missouri, who are trying out different studies in nearby senior residences.

Ideally, these technologies won’t feel like spy gadgets invading a senior’s space, but more like a way to stay in touch, and ensure their health and well-being is being is the top priority.

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