Four Options for Caregivers Who Need a Break

Summer is finally here, which means we’ve all survived the school graduations, dance recitals, sports finals, and all the other activities that make up the condiments for the sandwich generation. (That is, those things caregivers don’t have to do, but work into busy lives so their children or grandchildren don’t miss out as the caregiver focuses time on aging parents.) All of this is lovely and heartwarming, but it leaves caregivers in desperate need of a break … which means finding some sort of care for your aging loved one. Don’t despair. You have affordable options!

Let’s take a look at four ways a caregiver can find respite (that is, a break) for aging loved ones in their care.


Facility-based Respite Care
Your loved one will stay, temporarily, in an assisted living or nursing facility, receiving the same care as regular residents, on a temporary basis. Your loved one will enjoy professional care, as well as activities designed to entertain and stimulate, while enjoying the companionship of other seniors at similar stages of life.

In-home Respite
In-home respite is a popular choice, because it lets aging seniors stay in their own home while the family takes a break. In-home respite can last just a few hours, or a few weeks, depending on the senior’s and the caregiver’s needs. The respite provider may stay for the duration, if the senior needs extensive care, or they may just drop by for a few hours each day to help the senior with some daily tasks.

The type of respite provider you choose, including their medical qualifications, varies depending on the level of care needed. When you go through an agency for respite care, the care providers are already carefully screened and trained, offering an added level of security.

You may also find a caregiver in your community through word-of-mouth or through the Internet. If you go this route, make sure to get references and even pay for a background check.

Senior Daycare
Sometimes, a week-long break is just not enough. For caregivers to manage their extensive list of responsibilities, it’s important to take short, frequent breaks. That’s where senior day care comes in. Seniors can attend daily, weekly or any other frequency that fits the caregiver’s schedule and budget. Senior day care is often held in assisted living communities, nursing homes or even at local churches and community centers.

Caregiver Retreat and Senior Respite
Need a break from caregiving but looking for a way to pamper yourself a little bit, too? Many organizations offer caregiver retreats combined with senior respite care. While seniors receive the care and assistance they need, caregivers participate in support groups, exercise, classes or lessons in everything from art to yoga, and fun activities. Prices range from free to $100+ per night, depending on the amenities and location.

Whether you schedule short, daily breaks or plan a longer respite, it’s important for caregivers to remember to take care of themselves, while also offering the seniors in their care an enriching experience with new friends and activities.

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