Caregiver 911 to Caregiver 101

In this series of articles, Mike Campbell, author of When Mom and Dad Need Help, explains what to do when it’s time to talk to your aging parents about the variety of senior care options.

We Need to Transition Ourselves from “Caregiver 911” to “Caregiver 101” Scenario

By Mike Campbell

We, as a nation, need to transition ourselves from a “Caregiver 911” scenario to a “Caregiver 101” scenario. It seems ‘the formula’ these days is to wait until we, or our parents, suffer some traumatic event, or “wake-up call”, that leaves us very little time to make some very important and gut-wrenching decisions. As our parents lie in a hospital bed, recovering from whatever led them to needing long-term care, we typically end up running around, as if our hair was on fire, trying to desperately find a quality care option that will meet Mom or Dad’s needs— yet we really don’t know where to begin or what to look for! Sound like fun? No? Then let’s do something about it! We all need to educate ourselves about the process now before Mom and Dad need help.

Help Me Spread the Word!

My life’s mission is to inspire everyone to open up and have these tough conversations with their parents today. In fact, I suggest these conversations be conducted across all generations (i.e., you should have these talks with your children as well). Let’s all do our civic duty and spread the word to anyone who will listen. Tell people you care about! Tell people you don’t care about! Everyone needs to know about what lies ahead and what steps can be taken to make this process as painless as possible. Open communication is extremely vital to planning for the future.

We all can become the best care advocate for our loved ones by:

  1. Talking with our loved ones today about their future care needs while they are still healthy, wealthy and wise;
  2. Educating ourselves about all the long-term care options available in the market; and
  3. Making sure we have a sound financial plan to pay for such care.


About the Author

Mike Campbell is the author of the  book titled “When Mom and Dad Need Help” which helps educate the reader about all the long-term care options available in the market and arms them with a step-by-step plan to finding the senior housing and care option that his the best fit for their aging loved one. Mike has been an advisor to the senior housing and care industry for over 20 years. For more on the author and how to order the book, go to or go to his facebook page at

Start the learning process about senior care options, how much they cost and what type of payment options are available, along with other ways to approach your loved ones, call (877) 345-1706  to speak to your local SeniorLiving.Net Care Advisor.

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