Beat Caregiver Burnout When Respite Isn’t Available


Caregiver burnout is becoming a phrase that most people are familiar with, but there isn’t much that can be done to avoid it for many people who care for their aging parents and loved ones. Other than hiring help or being lucky enough to get some respite from another family member, it’s the daily grind that can be so exhausting.

To help on those days when outside relief isn’t an option, it comes down to taking the best care of yourself possible. That starts with your diet, and adding stress-fighting foods to your meals. One way is to eat foods rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, according to senior care nursing professionals who shared their expert tips with  Think avocado, salmon, fresh vegetables, and oatmeal.

Exercise is also a great way to blow off steam, and it’s got the added benefit of being great for you. Even the busiest caregiver can make time for mind-clearing 20-minute walk.

Lastly, you can tune out the challenges of the day by listening to some tunes. Focusing on some melodies – classical being the best option — can really act as a form of music therapy.