5 Best Apps for Caregivers


Today’s “sandwich generation” members have a lot to think about with caring for aging parents while juggling the responsibilities of children, work, and the endless demands of life. Fortunately, “Generation X’ers” and Baby Boomers are also increasingly technologically savvy. We live on our smartphones and the apps we download help us manage busy lives. And so wee hunted down some of the best apps for caregivers. Take a look…

Med Connections iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill ID – This app, or any other like it, could be a lifesaver for you or someone you love. The award-winning app for iOS and Android offers a guide for 20,000 medications and possible drug interactions, plus 10,000 pill images so you can make sure what’s supposed to be in the bottle really is. You can also compare local prescription prices and download coupons to save money while making sure your prescription drugs are safe.

Pillbox – Once you know the medications you’re taking won’t interact with each other, it’s another chore to remember to take meds on a specific schedule. You guessed it. There’s an app for that, too. Pillbox lets the caregiver maintain separate medications lists for each family member, along with a list of physicians and their specialties. A simple touch lets you mark when you or your loved one has taken the medicine, so you don’t have to remember. This free app also lets you list allergies within each person’s profile.

Comfort Zone – We have GPS tracking for our cars, our pets, we can even track lost cell phones through GPS. A system that tracks Alzheimer’s patients if they wander outside pre-set zones provides peace of mind for caregivers while giving memory care patients some level of freedom and independence. One such device and Web-based app is the Alzheimer’s Association’s Comfort Zone. Users wear or carry a locator, which alerts caregivers by phone, email, or text if the loved one exits the pre-set traveling parameters. Additionally, caregivers can check on a loved one’s location at any time via the Web or the 24-hour call center. The ComfortZone monthly plan also comes with MedicAlert services and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Safe Return program.

CarePartners Mobile – Do you share caregiving responsibilities with siblings or other adults? CarePartners Mobile, developed for iOS and Android devices by Philips Lifeline, is designed to help you share duties and, most importantly, make sure everything gets done, from grocery shopping to doctor’s appointments. Start by creating a “community” and then add other caregivers to it. You can chat privately, add tasks to the community list (think of it as a giant caregiving “to-do” list), then “claim” tasks as your responsibility. Once you claim a task, you can add it automatically to your smartphone’s calendar. Tasks can have specific times or can be general — things that need to get done with no particular time frame.

WedMD – Yes, the top-rated medical information website also has a companion app for iPhone or Android. Whether you want to set a loved one’s mind at ease about a new symptom or find out for yourself if that new pain is just part of aging or is really cause for alarm, WebMD makes it easy.

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