Talking About Assisted Living

The holidays have passed and you’ve had the chance to see your loved ones that you may have not seen in a few months. The time apart has almost given you an “outsider’s” perspective on your loved one’s living situation. So what happens when you realize that the next step is assisted living, or some other type of long-term care?

Talking to a family member about moving out of the home they love and know to a place, to them, seems like some kind of healthcare facility is less than ideal. That is why it is so important to know what the options are before you approach the senior, so when he or she jumps in with questions or automatically declines the idea; you have the knowledge to persuade him or her to reconsider.

Facts About Assisted Living

  • First remember that assisted living isn’t just for sick old people! Take a look at one of the many assisted living communities on the internet and you will quickly find that many of them are just the opposite of a healthcare facility; they are almost like a vacation destination! With pools, a dining room with chef, activities and friends, moving to a community can be like moving into a college dorm (with better appointments, food and apartments, of course).
  • Another positive about assisted living is not having to maintain your own home any longer. Many seniors still live in the house where they raised their family. Downsizing, at first can be stressful, but at the end it can be relieving. Getting rid of rooms of furniture that you no longer have to dust or vacuum and moving into a community that has housekeepers to help do laundry and chores and a chef to cook you meals takes the stress out of living. Most monthly fees at assisted living communities include cable, internet, heat and other utilities, so writing checks every month will be a thing of the past!
  • Socialization is another huge benefit to moving into a senior living community. All of your friends and acquaintances will be in the same community, or even the same building so there is no need to drive to visit. Many communities have activities planned, too. These can include shopping trips, concerts, special meals, happy hour and game night! Find out what activities are offered and be sure to mention those to your loved one.
  • Another important reason to move into an assisted living or long-term care community is safety. The last thing you and your family wants to be worried about is if mom or dad left the stove on after dinner. Or what if one of them falls and no one else is home? Moving into a community takes those fears away by providing care around the clock. If the community doesn’t have someone there physically twenty-four hours a day, someone will be a phone call away all the time.

All of these things might be all you need to know that moving your loved one is the right decision, but it may not be so easy convincing them. Do your research and approach them in an informal way as to not catch them off-guard or offend them. By talking about the great benefits communities offer before you talk about what the senior can’t do any more in his or her own home is the best approach.

Find the Assisted Living Community They’ll Love

Call (877) 345-1706 to find an assisted living community that provides everything your loved one would want out of a senior residence. SeniorLiving.Net is a free referral source for families that are looking for senior care. With relationships with thousands of senior living communities across the country, SeniorLiving.Net’s Care Advisors work with families every day to help find the community that best meets each family’s needs, wants and budget.

To speak to a local Care Advisor in your area, call (877) 345-1706. SeniorLiving.Net also operates the largest senior care directories on the Internet. You can search for a community by name or location in the search box above this article.