Senior Movie Calendar Ranks As One of the Coolest Senior Activities Ever


A senior living community in Germany took plain old “movie night” to a new level. Instead of gathering to watch their favorite classics on the big screen, the activities director spearheaded a photo shoot where residents dressed as their favorite movie characters in classic scenes. Professional photographers and stylists made sure the photos looked as authentic as possible, according to a report on Buzzfeed.

Then, the retirement community made the best photos into a calendar and printed 5,000 copies to distribute to the community’s staff members, the senior residents, and their family and friends.

The oldest resident to participate was 98 years old, and movies depicted included “The Blues Brothers,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Rocky,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Titanic.”

Even though this idea has been “done,” it still might be fun to try in your own senior community. Otherwise, here are some other exciting activities that let seniors re-live dreams of their youth.

Host an Open Mic Comedy Night
Most people have an inner comedian inside of them, and seniors have decades of experience to draw on for material. Plus, laughter has been proven to be healthy and even slow the aging process. Why not encourage some of the dining hall clowns to put together a routine to entertain everyone?

Organize a Talent Show
Maybe closet comedians aren’t the only performers in your midst. Organizing a talent show can give everyone a chance to show off their skills, whether that’s singing, dancing, comedy, juggling or even performance poetry.

Hold an Introduction to Burlesque Class
Burlesque dancing, that is, the art of the striptease, has garnered mainstream appeal in recent years.
Dr. Lola Montgomery, the only person to have a Ph.D. in burlesque, says that the oldest living burlesque legends are in their 80s … and still perform today. “Once a year on Memorial Day weekend, performers of the past and present gather to honor the legends. We treat our elders as superstars in burlesque, and watching them perform is an incredibly moving experience.”
But you don’t have to be a legend to enjoy this art, either.

Like belly dancing and Zumba, burlesque dancing helps seniors get moving, gain confidence and have lots of fun. Burlesque often includes chair dancing and other sensual moves, and can be tailored to dancers of any age or level of physical fitness.

If You Can Dream It, Seniors Can Do It
In all of these activities, imagination is the name of the game. Why not take a walk on the wild side and let the seniors in your community live out unrealized dreams from years gone by?

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