How Choosing a Senior Living Community Is Like Playing Candy Crush


It was the gaming app of the year for 2013, sparking dozens of articles about how you can apply those hours wasted well-spent playing candy crush to actually improve your life. We bet you never thought about how choosing a senior living community is just like playing Candy Crush. Well, minus the background music. Take a look at five thought processes you use in Candy Crush that can help you evaluate senior living options, too.

1. Seek Balance

On boards with Odus the Owl (the alternate dimension of Candy Crush) you must keep Odus from tipping over. He sits in the center of two different candies, and if you crush too many of one kind or the other, he falls over. It’s all about balance.

In your search for a senior community and especially a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you want a facility that balances the needs of residents with their desire for continuing independence. This means care with dignity, activities to keep their mind stimulated, healthy meals, and desirable rooms.

As senior communities move toward a hospitality business model, residents’ standards rise. Fine décor and ambiance are just as important as the care residents receive should they need assisted living services.

2. Location Is Everything

The placement of candy counts for a lot when you are trying to get rid of all the jelly on the board or bring fruit down to the bottom. Sometimes, you can manipulate your surroundings, like lining up all the fruit in one column so you can send it all down in one shot. But often, the hand you are dealt is all you have.

When you’re choosing a senior community, it’s important to look at the community, itself, and evaluate how many amenities are available without even leaving the grounds. But the senior community’s location determines the price you’ll pay and what day trips may be available.

3. The People In Your Community Can Help Determine Your Success

How generous is your network of Candy Crush friends? And when do they play the game? The answers to these questions can mean waiting around for days for a ticket to pass to the next level, or getting the tickets and extra lives you need to advance quickly.

In a senior community, it’s not only the staff members, but the other residents who can make-or-break a nursing home, assisted living, or even independent retirement community experience. Ask yourself if these are people you want as caregivers and neighbors. Because, unlike in Candy Crush, you can’t just add more friends to get the help and support you need.

4. The Deeper Your Pockets, The Wider Your Options

Let’s be honest. In our experience here at, most nursing homes and assisted living communities meet certain standards of care. But there’s a broad range of amenities that may be available based on the price of a specific facility. While some seniors may be limited to certain nursing homes or assisted living facilities, those with more money to spend may opt for a Continuing Care Retirement Community, where they might pay more upfront but will have the option to age-in-place and receive the care they need if their level of independence changes.

In Candy Crush, it goes without saying. If you want to tap into paid options, you can buy boosts, extra moves, lives and more. But 70 percent of players who have reached the highest levels of the game have done so without spending a penny.

Similarly, you can find quality care in a retirement community even on a limited budget. You just need to choose carefully.

5. Ask For Help From Those Who Have Succeeded

Choosing a senior living community for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful process. Word-of-mouth can be a big help if you can ask friends and family for recommendations. A senior care manager is an expert who can help you, too. And, of course, simplifies the process of choosing a senior living community by letting you talk to a local Care Advisor without leaving your home.

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