Do You Need Liability Insurance in a Senior Living Community?


Homeowners rarely think about what happens if someone gets hurt in their home. Homeowner’s insurance covers us against personal liability lawsuits if someone is hurt on our property. Smart renters, too, get renters insurance that not only protects their belongings from theft or damage, but offers personal liability protection, too.

If you move to an independent senior living community, assisted living community or a nursing home, the community and its belongings carry liability insurance and insurance against theft or damage to their property and belongings. But this insurance protection may not extend to your belongings or protect you if someone gets hurt while they are in your home.

Protect Your Personal Property
Many senior community apartments come pre-furnished, so that the furniture you use is covered from theft or damage by the community’s policy. But if you furnished the home yourself, or if you have a lot of valuables that you keep in your apartment, whether they are family heirlooms, antiques or jewelry, they may not be covered by the senior community’s insurance. Ask before you move in, so you can purchase inexpensive insurance to cover your belongings.

Protect Yourself Against Lawsuits
If a friend is visiting and trips and falls in your home, you could be sued and have to pay the medical bills and additional damages. Personal liability insurance will cover you in this case.

You may have gone decades in your home without an insurance claim, and wonder why you need protection now. But look at it this way: 33% of all seniors 65 and over fall each year. The likelihood of a friend or neighbor falling in your apartment increases in a senior community – and if you’re on a fixed income yourself, you may not be able to afford the medical bills.

Protect Yourself If You Have Pets
Many senior communities now allow small pets in senior apartments. But owning a pet opens you up to the risk of bites. If someone is visiting and your dog bites them, this can be a costly incident. Insurance can protect you from a personal lawsuit if this unthinkable event occurs.

Do You Need Personal Liability Insurance?
With the prevalence of assisted living communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, more and more companies are offering liability insurance for seniors in retirement communities and nursing homes.

If you don’t have a pet, rarely have visitors, and haven’t brought many of your own items to the senior community, you may not need to make the investment.

But if friends and neighbors drop in, even occasionally, you might want the peace of mind provided by this insurance coverage. Additionally, if you have items that it would be a financial hardship to replace if they were lost in a fire, natural disaster, or robbery, personal insurance can be a wise investment.

Many seniors move to an independent or assisted living community for greater peace of mind and an easier life. If having your assets insured against theft, damage or lawsuits will add to that peace of mind, insurance is a smart investment.

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