6 Fun Assisted Living Activities for Active Seniors

assisted living activities

Activities directors in assisted living communities are moving away from what they used to call the “three Bs” (bingo, bible study, and birthdays) to put the “active” into an actively aging senior population.

If you’re a caregiver seeking an assisted living facility for a loved one, you might want to ask about weekly planned activities. While it may not be one of the top criteria for choosing a senior living community, the selection of activities should be on your list of important facets of senior living. Talk to your loved ones about which activities they would enjoy, whether it’s adult education classes, physical fitness, or social groups.

Flash mob – This new trend involves a group of people (often strangers, although it doesn’t have to be) who seem to spontaneously converge in a public place and begin a dance routine. In fact, the flash mob participants have set a specific time and choreographed a dance in advance. The activity is lots of fun and can happen anywhere — even in the community room of an assisted living facility!

Karaoke – Today’s seniors heard about their kids singing karaoke in bars and clubs, and may have even done it themselves on a home machine. Now it’s time to dust off the golden oldies and give assisted living residents their chance to shine behind the mic.

Wii Bowling – The Nintendo Wii created something of a revolution in gaming, marketing video games to every age for family fun. Wii Bowling tournaments are a fun and easy activity that gets senior living residents off the couch without high impact exercise. Or change it up and try Wii Boxing or Wii Golf, which is sure to draw the men in an assisted living community out of their rooms for the night.

Tai Chi – Today’s assisted living seniors, and today’s assisted living communities, put a greater emphasis on health and wellness activities. Tai chi is a low impact form of exercise that virtually anyone can do. Shown to relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being, tai chi classes are popping up in assisted living communities across the U.S.

Creative workshops – Today’s seniors are increasingly interested in documenting their life and history for future generations. Workshops that teach genealogy and assist with family tree research, as well as scrapbooking and memoir-writing groups, are growing in popularity.

Day trips to cultural locations – Even with so many fun activities to share within an assisted living community, it’s nice to get out, as well. Many senior living communities are, intentionally, opened on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas with a rich cultural scene and plenty of activities to enjoy. Assisted living communities today frequently offer day trips to museums, performing arts centers, and tourist attractions within the area. The tickets are often provided at a reduced cost with transportation included. If you’re a senior in assisted living, what could be better than a mini-vacation right within your new home town?

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