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Seniors Turns to Tech for a Safe and Secure Solo Living

seniors embracing technology

Who said the latest technology is only for the young? More and more seniors (and their adult children) are incorporating tech gadgets and applications into their daily lives, and as a result, they are able to maintain their independent living status. From innovations that help loved ones stay connected from afar, to health care monitoring, to help with housework and safety measures, tech is changing the way seniors age in place for the better.

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Fighting Against Elder Abuse


Scary senior stat: It’s estimated that elder abuse happens to 2 to 4 million people each year. And, there are likely many cases that go unreported. There are many things that constitute elder abuse, from physical and psychological, to neglect, to financial abuses. In short, whenever an elderly person is taken advantage of – often by those who are supposed to be looking after their care – it’s sad.

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Easier Access to Home Health Care on the Way


As more and more seniors choose to age in place, meaning they opt to remain in their own home and bring in help and care as needed, the home health care business is getting more complex. As such, there’s some activity going on right now in the senate to possibly allow medical professionals that are not doctors to order home health services for seniors.

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One Senior’s Salute to America


As we approach the July 4th holiday, it’s heartwarming to hear stories of patriotism, heroism, and American pride, especially from within the senior community that has contributed so much to our history. Remembering our veterans and respecting the symbols of America are important to Martin Sherman, a World War II veteran himself, who’s spreading his love of his country to his fellow senior housing residents.

Sherman will be sharing his very special family heirloom with his neighbors this Independence Day. For over 80 years, he’s cherished an original World War I era American flag. Back in the 1930s, the flag was used to dress the coffin of Sherman’s uncle, a World War I veteran who suffered injuries in the war and eventually passed away. The 100-year-old flag, which only has 48 stars, has been in his family ever since, and Sherman takes great pride in properly displaying it for every patriotic holiday.

Staff members at the Lester Senior Housing Community in Whippany, NJ where he resides have designated the perfect spot to fly Sherman’s flag for all to see.

SeniorLiving.Net is a free service for families to use that are looking for senior care or senior living for a loved one. Call (877) 345-1706 to speak to your local Care Advisor about senior care providers in your local area.

The “Silver Tsunami” Reaches the Twin Cities


That’s the phrase coined for the increasing growth of the senior population, and in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, there are approximately 1.5 million of people moving into retirement. To help accommodate these seniors — many of whom are planning for an easier lifestyle or one in which help and assistance will be available as needed — over 6,000 senior housing units are in the planning stages.

There are several types of Minneapolis-based senior housing construction in the works including Alzheimer’s care facilities, independent living homes, and assisted living communities, among others, according to a StarTribune article.

This surge of seniors is on par with national projections from the US Census Bureau, which predict that people 65 and older will comprise 20 percent of the total population by 2050.

With more demand and seniors more active and living longer than ever before, it’s a safe bet that senior housing providers will begin offering a wide variety of options, perks, and other stand-out features to attract the booming population of elders. That’s why it’s smart to do your research so you can find the most appropriate senior care options for you or your loved one.

SeniorLiving.Net is a free service for families to use that are looking for senior care or senior living for a loved one. Call (877) 345-1706 to speak to your local Care Advisor about senior care providers in your local area.

Seniors in the Workforce


If you follow employment and job trends, you’ve probably noticed that people are retiring at later ages. Or, they retire, but then head back to the workforce in some other capacity so they can generate some income, or to keep their bodies and minds sharp. In fact, about a third of all seniors ages 65 to 69 are still in the workforce.

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City Living, Senior Style

top cities for senior living

When you picture the ideal setting for your senior years, you may think of palm trees, warm temperatures, and year-round golf. That’s why the recent survey naming the top 10 cities for senior living, sponsored by Bankers Life and Casualty Company’s Center for a Secure Retirement, may surprise you.

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Virtual Caregivers on the Horizon


With new technologies comes hope for those who wish to age in place, or live in their own home during their senior years. While the last generation of seniors relied on “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” buttons to call for help, a new wave of home monitoring innovations will keep adult children and other family members in the loop on their loved ones’ activities. 

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Disabilities in Old Age a Reality for Many


Here are some facts: The population is aging. People are living longer. And because people are spending more time in their senior years, there’s also a higher likelihood that they’ll have to live some of those years with a disability. As the New York Times’ New Old Age blog points out, “the price we’re paying for extended life spans is a high rate of late-life disability.”

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Thorough Research Helps Ensure Senior Care Safety


If you’re looking for some form of care for an elderly loved one, your research has to go beyond doing a Google search and making a couple of calls. In fact, you’ll want to dig deep into the credentials, backgrounds, and consumer reviews of potential caregivers and/or facilities before you put your loved one in someone else’s hands.

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