What is Respite?

The term Respite refers to a short break or relief from being a caregiver to a loved one. Respite can be used to describe a short stay at an assisted living or senior living community in order for caregivers to take a little time off from providing care themselves.

Benefits of Doing a Respite Stay

There are benefits for both the caregiver and the patient to utilize respite care. Respite stays are great for caregivers that may need to go out of town for business, take a vacation or simply need a few days break. The patient may also benefit from a respite stay by meeting new friends or finding a senior living community that they would like to move into permanently. Respite stays are a great way to try out an assisted living or senior living community, too. If you are looking for a community and are unsure it is the perfect fit, stay at the community for a few days or weeks to gain a feel for the staff, food, residents, location and environment. If you end up liking the community, you can stay for good!

Where to Find Respite Care

Many assisted living communities or independent living communities offer the option of respite care. Call your local SeniorLiving.Net Care Advisor at (877) 345-1706 to find communities in your area that offer respite services.