Nursing Home Checklist

You are in the difficult time when you need to decide on a nursing home to move your loved one to, either temporarily or permanently. There are many questions to ask to be sure that this nursing home fits your loved ones needs. Print this checklist to take with you when visiting nursing centers to help you keep track of the facts and make sure that you choose the right one.


The location is convenient for family and friends to visit the senior The area the nursing center is in is safe and free of crime Hospital is nearby in case of emergencies


Building is clean and well maintained There is heating and air conditioning in all rooms and common areas Exterior doors are locked and visitors are monitored The building is quiet There are smoke detectors and fire extinguishers throughout the building There are plenty of common areas for residents to gather in Everything is well lit including the hallways and parking lots

Individual Rooms:

Rooms are large enough for the residents to have enough space even if it is semi-private There is a phone and television Water is available at all times Handrails are in the bathroom and throughout the rest of the building Semi-private bathrooms in each room

Services & Amenities:

Therapy is available for residents that require it There is a separate program for those with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s or dementia There are activities planned for residents to do Religious services are offered Residents sit in their wheelchairs and some were asleep in the hallway Dining area is pleasant Meals are served 3 times a day Meals are prepared on-site with a chef and nutritionist on staff Vegetarian or religious diets can be accommodated for

Nursing Center’s Qualifications:

The community has its own Medical Director The building is licensed and insured The program is Medicare and Medicaid certified


There is an evacuation plan in place and all residents are aware of it There are security guards on the premises


RNs and LPNs on staff RN is on site 24 hours a day Staff are given background checks Staff members call residents by name and are friendly

Other Questions:

Ask to speak to family members of current residents to see how their experience has been with the nursing facility.

Find out who decided if residents should be moved based on level of care needs.

Nursing homes provide a higher level of care compared to assisted living communities. If you think that you or your loved one would benefit from an assisted living community instead of a nursing facility, or just want to learn more about the options available, call your local Care Advisor at (877) 345-1706.

Find more information about nursing homes and what to look for when deciding on the right one for you and your loved one, here.