Home Care Checklist

You’ve done your research and decided that home care is the right way to go. After narrowing down the many choices of home care companies, you’re ready to interview the caregivers that will be coming into your home. It is important to meet the caregiver before he or she starts providing care to feel comfortable having that person in your own home.

Print this checklist and bring it to the interview for the home care provider to make sure the caregiver, and the company, checks off everything on your list!


Personal Care services (housekeeping, laundry, companionship) Skilled Nursing or Rehabilitation services Transportation available to take the senior to appointments or on errands

Staff & Company Qualifications:

Company is state tested and licensed Staff is insured Physician that oversees care plan and schedule The same caregiver will be in the home on a regular basis Staff is overseen and assessed on a regular basis Staff participates in ongoing training and continuing education The agency is reputable with a strong history


Health services are covered under Medicare part A or B (if considered to be skilled nursing) Transportation (if available) is included in the price Overtime hours are applied to anything more than 40 hours per week

Other Questions:

Find out if there is a minimum amount of hours the caregiver needs to work at one given time and what the maximum hours are.

What happens if the caregiver fails to show up? Is there someone on call?

Find more information about home care services and what to look for when deciding on the right home care provider for you and your loved one, here.


If you are looking for home care in your area for a loved one, call your local Care Advisor at (877) 345-1706. Your Care Advisor will work with you to find the best senior care option for your family’s needs.