Adult Day Care Checklist

You’ve researched local adult day care providers in your area and are ready to go out and visit them to see if they are the best fit for your loved one. Print this checklist and bring it with you when you visit adult day care centers in your area to make sure you don’t forget anything and to help you make the final decision.


The adult day care is on my way to work and easily accessible
The area of town is safe
There is a hospital close by to the day care service

Adult Day Care Building:

The building is clean and well maintained
The doors are locked and visitors and guests are monitored
There are smoke detectors and sprinkler throughout the day care
The building and parking lot is well lit
There is space where seniors can rest and take a nap during the day
There is enough space for every senior to move around and sit
There is an outdoor area where seniors can go during the day

Services & Amenities:

Meals and snacks are provided during the day
Medical services, including therapy or rehab, are available
There is a separate program for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
Medication reminders and assistance is available if needed
Activities are planned in advance for the seniors
There is a fitness center/gym


There is enough staff to entertain and watch all of the clients
Staff members are trained and go through a background check
Staff members are warm and friendly with the clients

Acceptance Requirements:

Health screenings are conducted prior to enrollment
Clients must be up-to-date on all medication and vaccines
As care needs increase, clients are able to continue to attend adult day care with more assistance from staff


Meals are included in the price of adult day care
Meal times are appropriate and accommodate the residents
Special diets can be accommodated
Meals are prepared fresh, onsite

Other Questions:

Ask if you can speak with other family members to see how they have found the services.

Find out if you can attend a day with the senior to see if the day care is right for them.

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